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Virginia Probate Solutions

Khaliyah Barakhyahu, an esteemed figure in the real estate industry, is the owner of New Canaan Properties, LLC, where she has passionately directed her endeavors for over two decades, primarily situated in the scenic landscape of Virginia. As an accomplished Real Estate Agent and seasoned Fix and Flip Investor, Khaliyah brings a wealth of experience to her clientele.

Motivated by her unyielding faith and deeply rooted family values, Khaliyah, a homeschool Mother of three finds immense satisfaction in delivering unparalleled service to her clients. At the core of her professional ethos lies the conviction that every seller and buyer is entitled to unwavering honesty, open and effective communication, and complete transparency.

Recognizing the paramount importance of trust in the client-agent relationship, Khaliyah leaves no stone unturned in earning and maintaining that trust. Holding multiple certifications, Khaliyah leverages her extensive knowledge to assist clients in realizing their real estate aspirations.

Demonstrating her commitment to community and wealth-building, Khaliyah works to start her nonprofit organization, Beresheet. Through this philanthropic venture, she endeavors to uplift, rebuild, and strengthen local communities by promoting real estate initiatives and advocating for the creation of vibrant, healthy neighborhoods. Through these initiatives she provides valuable assistance to individuals and families, by offering funeral consulting and probate guidance.


Khaliyah Barakhyahu

REALTOR® and Probate Expert